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Liam Neeson as Collins

Collins is at sea, presumably on his way to break DeValera from gaol or perhaps he is returning from the Treaty talks.

Neeson as Collins

Neeson as Collins in a stirring speech.

Neeson as Collins

Neeson as Collins during the Easter Rising.

Neeson as Collins

Collins after he was given charge of the Free State Army.

Neeson as Collins

Collins watching as DeValera triumphantly returns to Dublin after his escape from prison.

Neeson as Collins

Collins engaging in a clandestine meeting at a park.

Neeson as Collins

Collins again at the park.

Neeson as Collins

Collins reacting with shock to the suggestion that he go with Arthur Griffith for the Treaty negotiations.

Group Shot of Actors

Left to right: Aidan Quinn as Harry Boland, Julia Roberts as Kitty Kiernan, and Liam Neeson as Michael.

Another Group Shot

Roberts as Kiernan, Neeson as Collins, and Quinn as Boland in an impromptu street meeting.

Quinn and Roberts

Aidan Quinn as Harry Boland and Julia Roberts as Kitty Kiernan.

Quinn and Roberts

Harry and Kitty dance together in happier times.

Quinn and Neeson

Harry and Michael bicycling to their next destination.

Quinn and Neeson

Harry and Michael talking after the Treaty.

Quinn as Boland

On a train with Collins, Harry sneaks in a quick nap.

Alan Rickman as Eamon DeValera

Alan Rickman does an excellent job in Michael Collins of bringing to life the DeValera of the time. Neil Jordan's rendering of DeValera has been criticized, but I do not believe the common complaints reflect on Rickman's performance.

Stephen Rea as Ned Broy

Rea does an excellent job of bringing to life several G-men under the name of a real Collins accomplice.

Neil Jordan

Jordan during the making of Michael Collins.

The Film Poster

An ad announcing the upcoming release of Michael Collins to theaters.

The Film Version of Collins' Signature

The film's rendering of Collins' signature used for the typeface on related movie memorabilia.