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Collins as a Child

Michael Collins at approximately age eight.

Collins as a Child Close-up

A young Collins, dapper as ever.

A Young Michael Collins

In a uniform that probably designated him as an Irish Volunteer or IRB member.

Collins in Business Attire

Even from a young age, Collins maintained a formal, clean-cut style of dress.

Michael Collins in a Dáil Delegation

Collins's crossed arms and somewhat sour expression are telling-- he did not want to sit for this photo because he worried it might fall into the wrong hands and provide policemen with a clear picture of him.

Clearer Image of Collins' Dáil Photo

In this crisper version of the picture, Collins looks a bit like Belfast-born actor, Kenneth Branagh.

Congenial Collins

A relaxed Collins enjoying a conversation.

The Cycling Collins

Michael Collins on his famous bicycle. He was likely en route to an important stop out in the open.

Collins' Standard Wedding Pose

Pictured here in two different wedding photos, Collins is bowing his head not to pray but to keep from being identified. In case one of the wedding photos should be in the possession of a spy or G man, Collins' face would not be clear.

Collins Circa the Treaty

A photo of Collins (looking tired and bedraggled) around the time the Treaty was signed.

Collins and the Treaty

Another photo of Collins during Treaty negotiations. His gloomy expression says everything.

Collins Defending the Treaty

Speaking to one of many crowds, Collins attempts to persuade an audience to vote in favor of the Treaty.

Collins Defending the Treaty

Collins again shouting to a mass of prospective voters.

Collins Enjoying a Game

A photo of Collins at Croke Park.

Michael at a Hurling Game

Collins tosses the first ball.

Popular Collins Image

This is the most popular image of Collins I have seen in books and on the web. With a photo like this, it is no wonder A.T.Q. Stewart wrote that Collins had the "good looks of a matinée idol."

Collins as a Soldier

Collins in his uniform as part of the Free State Army.

Close-up of Collins

A close-up of Collins in uniform.

Michael Collins at Portobello Barracks

Collins in uniform at Portobello. Many people enjoy photos like this one of Mick because they reflect his military accomplishments.

Michael as a Soldier

Collins again in uniform.

Collins in Color

A colorized drawing of Collins in uniform.

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