Michael Davitt

Born: March 25, 1846, Straide, County Mayo
Died: May 30, 1906, Dublin

     Michael Davitt lost his right arm in an accident at a cotton mill. Living on a farm, Davitt had the opportunity to witness first-hand how the Irish were treated by their landlords. Not surprisingly, Davitt became active in the Irish Republican Brotherhood. After serving seven years in prison, Davitt teamed up with John Devoy, a politico who tirelessly worked to promote the Irish cause to Americans, to form the New Departure. From this organization came the Land League, which, along with Parnell's efforts, freed the Irish from the oppressive landlord system.

     For more on Davitt, please see http://www.mayo-ireland.ie/Mayo/News/ConnTel/CTHistry/MlDavitt.htm.