... And Others


Please Note: Because this site focuses on Michael Collins and because it would be very difficult for me to compile all of the information available on everyone who participated in the Rising, I am only able to offer brief descriptions on the others who were executed. I do not mean to leave anyone out or overlook anyone; unfortunately, I am pressed for time and web space and must therefore consolidate information.


Edward Daly- a Commandant of the Irish Volunteers, 25 when he participated in the Rising. He was in charge of the Four Courts and the west area around the General Post Office.


Michael O’Hanrahan- the Quartermaster of the Irish Volunteers and Thomas MacDonagh’s next in command during the Rising.


William Pearse- Patrick Pearse’s (younger) brother. Patrick described him as a loyal friend above all others.


John McBride- (or MacBride) Remembered for having encouraged and organized the Irish to fight the British in the Boer War.


Cornelius Colbert- a commander in the Irish Volunteers and a drill instructor.


J. J. (Sean) Heuston- a commander in the Irish Volunteers. A native of Limerick, he was 25 at the time of the Rising.


Michael Mallin- once a member of the British Army.


Thomas Kent- 51 at the time of the Rising, he was tried for murdering a constable.


If you would like to learn more about these men and others, please read Rebels: The Irish Rising of 1916 by Peter DeRosa and Six Days to Shake an Empire by Charles Duff.